Doke’s Plumbing, Inc. can help you save energy, money and our environment's natural resources based on the current rebates available through PG&E as well as Federal Tax Credits. We specialize in installing the following equipment and appliances, which are eligible for substantial savings.
To learn more about each product and whether you qualify please visit the provided links to PG&E.


Energy-Efficient Whole House Fans

Get a $100 Rebate A whole house fan can use up to 90% less energy than a compressor-based air conditioner. Get a $100 rebate when you purchase and install a qualifying product. More Info


Energy-Efficient Water Heater

Get a $100 Rebate New energy-efficient water heaters take less energy and time to heat water so there is less waiting time between showers and laundry loads. Installing a new energy-efficient water heater can help you save energy and money. Now get a $30 rebate on qualifying products. More Info


Energy-Efficient Natural Gas Furnace

Get up to a $300 Rebate If the furnace in your home is more than 15 years old it’s time to consider replacing it. Old furnaces, including forced air, wall, room and floor furnaces, can have energy wasting standing pilot lights. Newer models with electronic ignition systems have an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) of 92% or higher and can run up to 15% more efficiently than standard models. Not only that, you can get up to a $300 rebate on the purchase and installation of a qualified furnace. More Info

Residential Energy-Efficiency

Federal Tax Credits

Homeowners may qualify for federal tax credits for energy efficiency under The American Recovery and Retirement Act of 2009.

Who is eligible for tax credits?

Existing homeowners are eligible for tax credits up to a maximum of $1,500 for making energy-efficient home improvements. Additional tax credits may be available for solar energy systems along with builders of new homes. Refer to the information below or the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) matrix.


Tax credits are available up to 30 percent of the cost of the project (up to a maximum of $1,500 in 2009 and 2010 for existing homes*+) for:

* Specific energy efficiency requirements apply + Maximum total per existing home is $1,500